Wieldy Advisory

Wieldy Advisory

Our leaders have combined Government Advisory experience with 'Big Four' Firms and similar for over 50 years! We have refined our learning and validated with the recent developments in academia to offer unbiased and innovative advisory solutions in the following areas:

- Policies and Governance:

Policies are similar to the seeds and governance is like farming the seed. This is a continual loop to move forward. This is going to be one of the most important areas of growth and global power in the upcoming decades as governments leverage emerging technologies to solve global challenges! There is no wealth like a healthy and happy population, successful governments have proven it. 

- Emerging Tech, AI-ML and Humanities Augment

The emerging technologies like Human-Tech Augmentation, Cloud-Computing, Al-ML, Data Analytics, and IT have already proven to change the world faster than ever. Don't miss the train. We have some of the best Advisory solutions that promises to provide clear maps ahead.

Management Consulting

We have been heart-broken several times to see how ineffective and unwilling organizations are to implement the basic requirements of a productive workplace! 

So our leaders have come up with strategies and frameworks to improve the working conditions for global population.

We, at Wieldy Offer following Management Consulting Solutions to help any organization:

- Innovation Strategies and Framework Implementation

- Culture KPI Definitions and Framework Implementation for M&A and Global Ventures

- FFPMO or Fast Forward, Function Focus PMO solution with Integrated Innovation framework

Web tools for evaluations coming soon!

Entrepreneurship Incubation

At Wieldy Advisory, we provide affordable or free guidance to entrepreneurs in the following areas: 

- Strategy for Value Creation and Expansion

- Incubation & Operational Strategy

- Alliance and Networking