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We are a brand new promise to provide you with innovative services that inspires imagination to explore new possibilities. Our core strength is to bring in innovation that no one else offers. We stand for values as honesty and transparency that you can trust us like your own family! Let us keep it precise and straight, our venture is to bring in imagination, trigger innovation and make inspiration a culture for all the services we offer.

So, what do we do that others do not? How does it work?  

We earnestly invite you to discover yourself!  


We have a bucket full
of innovative services that will benefit your top executives and employees alike to inspire performance improvements, collaboration and relieve stress! Maybe, you can also benefit from our groundbreaking resource utilization programs or business development and startup services to augment growth and achieve savings!  

· Our therapeutic workshops utilize different forms of fine arts and creative activities to achieve new dimensions of ideation, imagination, collaborative concepts and expressions. It will motivate innovation, inspire team spirits, practice constructive criticism, and relieve stress to improve performance 

· Our resource re-utilization plans can enable ways to tap the unused potential of moonlighting by your own resources or from a pool of industry experts for negotiated rates through us and save a lot on work that can be done after
hours or weekends  

· We provide a wide array of industry experts to your teams that will identify opportunities and initiate innovations and improvements, grow business or help with startups. Afterall an outsider can see the picture you cannot see from inside  

· We offer many more innovative services, contact us to know more and set up your free first session for evaluation of the opportunity  



Yes, it is important but simple, Wieldy provides services that no one else
does! We are not just cookie cutter consultants; we provide innovative edge that you need the most in today's evolving and competitive environment.

We believe the equal opportunity does not mean providing the privileged and under-privileged with the same support, so we do provide the extra boosts and discounts to them who need it the most! 

Our free consuting session provides you with the no obligation opportunity to evaluate what you can achieve with us and see it yourself why our clients from different industries and scales are overwhelmed with our services!  


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COVID19 Discounts

In an attempt to mitigate the COVID19 impacts, we are providing small businesses and startups with heavily discounted supprts; as huge as 25% to 50%. Contact us to find out what you qualify for.