Why do We Believe in Sharing Ideas?

We Truly Call it a Blessing to be Copied! Leaders Like it! We will also like you back here with good things we copied from you!

We believe that copy cats are not bad, they are good cats in search of good Ideas!

We believe brave new ideas come up when we search for it inside and out like wild cats! Be it copy paste from the best, or create our own, need to search as wild and wide as we can!

But jokes apart, please feel free to share and use our ideas in your organization if it helps!

We believe in trying good things, new things and proven novel things all the time. Wieldy believe in trying with good intent, we will help you try our ideas and help you innovate for free. We believe knowledge is one, we do not divide it.

We will sincerely appreciate your honest critic even if you differ with our ideas!

We will boldly invite an honest critic from competitor or even enemies to learn the best and conserve the best practices. But we do not invite foes in the fur coat of friends. 

Wieldy Performance Culture

Wieldy Performance Models

Wieldy 3FU Three Functions First

Wieldy prioritizes 3 Functions of our client's ecosystem that the client can perform the best to find out why and where shall the client can survive in long term.

Wieldy 3FO Focuses First

Inside each functional areas, where we identify the client deserves to exist, we find out the focuses that can grow the client a symbiotic business ecosystem. We find out at least 3Focuses in each 3Functions. We help ensure there is 

1. Measured Value Created

2. Sustainable Business Ecosystem Built

3. Growth Targets, Visions, and Operations are Aligned in the Ecosystem and Sustained 

Before we transfer or close the program, we ensure the sustainability KPIs and culture KPIs of the system is understood well.

Wieldy 3FR Frameworks First

There is no global size or strategy that fits all. If we look back at Mother Nature, each symbiotic ecosystems has its own rules and territories. We Humans are no exceptions. Our Management and Culture Frameworks are custom built with the best practices of diverse human civilizations and cultures we work with.

We will help ensure to identify at least 3 Frameworks for each organizations. One is right foot and the other is left, to balance the ecosystem Straight! One makes fearless strives to innovations and the other conserves the bests! The third one is possibly a centrist BCP, but the choice is for the client to pick.

Wieldy 3VC Value Culture

We at Wieldy continuously thrive to build and cultivate values in at the least three dimensions and help our clients do the same too!

1. Building Financial Values and Securities in every operations for all the stakeholders to stay sustainable for long term visions as a symbiotic ecosystem

2. Build Culture Values to grow sustainable, healthy and happy customer base (Includes Ecosystem Customers) and employee base

3. Build and raise the bar of Knowledge and Network Values of the Symbiotic Ecosystem. We keep the focus to balance the progressive and conservative forces with purpose that sustains the growth of the ecosystem.

Wieldy 3EM Effectiveness Measures

Effectiveness of a Symbiotic Ecosystem with sustainable goals in mind, cannot be measured easily by financial and other values without the context. The ecosystem context is built by analyzing the system dependencies and change impacts in multiple subsystems. 

The bottom-line needs to be effective in the ecosystem perspective and definitely not just in the CFO or Finance Department Silos. We help all the CFOs and Gov Fin to develop growth and sustainability in geographic and functional territories. We measure the Ecosystem Yields mathematically using weighted integral methods and other custom mapping methods to demonstrate the cumulative and collaborative growth. 

Although our 3E model focuses on building at the least 3 most important effectiveness measures for your organization and align it with the ecosystem.

At Wieldy, in our practice, we focus on the below three

1. Economy Effectiveness (Include organizational and Ecosystem Financial Systems, Budgets and Capitals). W3Economy Identifies Bubbles and help fill them up before they bursts. W3Economy Farming model helps create markets and sustainable geographies.

2. Culture Effectiveness 

Culture effectiveness is as undefined and unquantified in organizations or Governments as the free space outside the Mother Earth!

Nobody pays enough attention to it and expects it to work perfectly fine, not only in organizations, but also in communities and countries! 

We think twice before adding new pets or family members to the households. But organizations and Governments cares unbelievably less about Employee Culture or Customer Culture before deciding on any immigration or cultural-political issues or M&A and Global Expansion. Wieldy believes that causes the most failures in immigration, political policies, M&A, and Global Expansion. 

We have built frameworks to help define culture infrastructure that implements customized culture KPI definitions and measures. 

Our Culture Framework includes Neuro-Psychological studies of the socio-economic and knowledge-network-community domains in identifying culture drivers and updates methods of communication, networking, work-management-governance models to cultivate, curate, merge and sustain cultures. The Custom Culture KPIs will be measurable in Symbiotic Ecosystem's Integrated Effectiveness. 

3. Growth and Sustainability Effectiveness

Economic Growth has different methods of being quantified and qualitied. 

But, the sustainability of any growth is not quantified or qualified properly. Due to lack of governance and increasingly high demand for delivering never ending growth, we have seen dog-eat-dog desperation that triggers unsustainable hunting. In this situation, the natural symbiotic business ecosystems has been already damaged. There are many other participating global issues in the equation that needs to be addressed too. So we have chosen to measure our effectiveness with quantifiable and qualified variable on growth and sustainability separately, although they remains in the same category. We believe growth that is not sustainable, may cause cancer to the ecosystem! 

Our Measures will identify the growth and sustainability metrics for each ecosystem and its components. We use customizable categories and use weighted mathematical integration to show properly qualified and quantified results. 

Please ask us how, we believe you will not regret!

Wieldy Innovations

We're bold enough to share our IPs. Maybe you're brave enough to try!

What is our Symbiotic Ecosystem Model?

Diagrams upcoming: Keep watching and feel free to message us if you want to stay posted ahead of time!

What is our FFPMO Model? & Why Is it Faster and Cheaper?

Diagrams upcoming: Keep watching and feel free to message us if you want to stay posted ahead of time!

What is our Economy Farming Model and How Does it Help Manage Recessions?

Diagrams upcoming: Keep watching and feel free to message us if you want to stay posted ahead of time!

What is Wieldy Culture Curatorship Model? How does it help M&A and Global Expansion?

Diagrams upcoming: Keep watching and feel free to message us if you want to stay posted ahead of time!

Leaderboards and Papers

Industry Leader Insights


Nirm's Notes (This section will just reflect some of our CEO Nirm Banerjee's quick and original notes that he believes might help others to understand our vision):

May 23:

Why we started Wieldy is already articulated in the 'Why Wieldy' section of this site and aligns with my views without doubts. 

But I want to share my take on 'why have I chosen Government Advisory' as my focus. Worth clarifying here that my teams, in contrast bring in expertise in many other areas we like to cultivate at Wieldy. 

Current global challenges are concerning enough and may pose threat to all of us if not addressed. The chaos and bubbles are so overwhelming that not only people are clueless, but seemingly leaders are as well. We are bleeding everywhere, we need to heal. "Only unbiased Government Advisory" and "Value Creation Programs for Ecosystems" can save us and our Mother Earth. We have only one to live in! When I lost my biological mother last year and I found a greater meaning of my life that I will now try to work for my Mother Earth along with providing to my family. So I am keeping my promise and I call myself a "Janitor CEO" as I have also promised a cleaner earth to our children!    

Modern outburst of technologies, global information accessibility and mobilities has created multiple vulnerabilities and bubbles, which in turn opened up some biggest growth and investment opportunities for long-term vision. Wieldy is working on some of the areas that not only has growth opportunity, but will change the the business and economic ecosystems for better suitability. A few areas to watch out for: 

1. Global Economic Vulnerabilities are going to grow. I mean the local ecosystems are now able to impact global economies both ways, positively and negatively. Growing economies can be powerful allies to help grow or challenge others. So if we do not address global impacts carefully enough, soon economic recessions will be triggered by local economies and can destabilize globally. Covid has uncovered many vulnerabilities which we never experienced before as the global landscape is changing faster than ever.  

2. Culture Vulnerabilities are extremely concerning in global environments. If we do not start addressing culture management as an aware practice, we will be sinking in downward spirals of conspiracies and civil wars due to culture conflicts! My definition of culture includes religion and economic ecosystems into accounts, to be specific.

3. Economy Farming and Purpose Driven Organizational, Geographic and Global Government-Business-Symbiosis

Sorry it was too long for a title! But this section is raw, so I don't care. This is another area Indian entrepreneurs turned Global Leaders, Respected TATAs has shown the world with an working model developed over decades. There are different challenging models with more high-tech visions. We have developed IPs with R&D and we are implementing currently.

Just the above three for now. More will come later! Thanks!

Published Papers by our Leaders

Contents coming soon: Keep watching and feel free to message us if you want to stay posted ahead of time!

Industry Visions - Government Advisory, Economy Farming:

Why Governments Should Think like Corporates and Corporates Should Think like Governments?

#Government Leaders, your kind attention please:

•Governments traditionally remained dependent on different forms of taxation and resource harvesting for revenues. But Governments can manage deficits not only by borrowing, but by generating additional revenue and profitability like corporates.

•Governments need to innovate and invest in models that can create sustainable growth and values.

•Our Government Augment Programs (Wieldy GAPs) show the Governments how to generate revenues and create values from unusual and innovative investments and ecosystems implementation!

#Corporate Leaders, your kind attention please:

•Models of old-school physical and psychological drivers for human labors will continually fail due to challenges by technology innovations and inorganic culture changes. Raising the knowledge bars and mixes of cultures at some geographies those control major economies will demand new models. Future Models should be able to cope with the global culture challenges along with socio-economic, geo-demographic and other neuro-psychological factors. Culture curatorship or culture management is not a sub-set of DEI&ESG rather a superset. There's no shame in asking for cross platform knowledge, please ask.

•We don’t blame it on any specific stereotypical culture of any generations or geo-demographics, although new age workers are more and more aware, just because knowledge industry is changing the culture faster than ever and creating unforeseen culture vulnerabilities and challenges. We solve them with our frameworks and show measured results.

•Planning and executing with the goals of Sustainable Growth and Good Governance by Corporates, not only important at employee level, but at business ecosystem level in the long run. Our Sustainable Ecosystem Models explain how corporates can save the business-food-chain for themselves by focusing less on traditional hunting and more on economy farming. Please ask about how can you manage recession by increasing your sustainability KPI scores.

Government Solutions IP Window Peek!

We do not take peoples money to advise governments! We create sustainable values to share with them by attracting investments and growth!

How Do We Solve Homelessness? W3HR Program Overview!

Contents and diagrams coming up soon!

How do we Solve Immigration Issues? W3II Immigrant Incubation Program Overview!

How do we Solve Culture Conflicts and Culture Mergers? W3CC Culture Curatorship Overview!

The W3CC will have three cultural functions with three focuses each. Three frameworks will be defined at the least for each ecosystems and each organizational entities with alignment of at the least one ecosystem links* or mapping intersections* or game intersections*. Those will be triggering action plans and execution plans depending on the program Socio-geographical, Humanities-demographical, Economics-Financial factors to say a few! Those frameworks will be built with the trusses of long term goals and visions!

The frameworks for boiling down goals and visions to plans and executions are already known areas of works. We utilize the industry best practices and manage utilizing our proprietary frameworks. Again our proprietary frameworks like FFPMO or FF SCRUIMS are not any ground breaking inventions to be specific. Those are just function focused, fast forward and frill free honest structures those do not extort client finances!

Execution should always have key performance metrics for each systems, so why not define and measure our culture programs? We worked on defining the measures for our cultural effectiveness. We use the Culture KPI(Key Performance Indicators) defined for each Ecosystems and subsystems. We will recommend at least 3 Culture KPIs to measure and show yields at different levels. Again, culture KPIs will be linked to the vision and goals and measured periodically. The KPI measures are custom built to reflect the perspectives. We generally use industry standard data modeling utilizing AI and ML or mapping and mathematical modeling. To know more, feel free ask for a free demo!  

How do we apply Wieldy Symbiotic Ecosystem in Governance and Growth? W3GG Overview!

Contents and diagrams coming up soon!

How do we Farm Economy at our Firm? W3EF Economy Farming Model Overview.

Our Self Sustainable Models Generate Investments to create values and shares the same with all the stakeholders and re invests in growth.

Diagrams Coming Soon.

Wieldy Governance Augment Programs (WGAPs) :

Coming Soon.

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