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Proposed Board Member and Industry Advisor - Sustainable Energy and Innovation

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Proposed Board Member and Industry Advisor - Management Consulting and Innovation.

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Proposed Board Member and Industry Leader, Risk Management.

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Board Member and Education Advisor

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Technology Alliance: ArnAmy

With our proven track record of 100% successful projects and 100% customer satisfaction,  

we have demonstrated our ability to create customer centered IT Solutions. We want to be 

your “Go-To” vendor partner for expert IT consultation.

Still not convinced? No Problem! We would be happy to have you discuss our past and current 

performance with our customers. Contact Us today to get started.

3050 Highland Oaks Terrace

Suite, 1

Tallahassee, FL 32301

Telephone: +1 855-5ARNAMY

(+1 855-527-6269) |

+1 850-597-7958/78

FAX: +1 888-831-2231

E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.ArnAmy.Com

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Wieldy Worship Culture

The Respectful Receives the Wisdom

Work is worship, psychological slavery is not!

We believe in healthy, motivational, and creative workspace, where you feel the vibes of your worships. We believe, be it physical or virtual, when you think of your work, you must not feel like going back to bed! We believe when you work, you must feel happy about it and should not wait for an alcoholic "happy hour" at the end of the day! 

At Wieldy, you will either create smiles for yourself and the end customers alone or with team mates every day! We believe every creations of nature or almighty has a meaning and a purpose and we respect it first and study it next before working on it and acting on it. We do not book unnecessary process overhead hours, because we just deliver when its ripe! We are not a quick fix firm, we do research and development based work and age our recipes well. We bring in master chefs who know how to cook and when to serve. 

We do not create process for making things complex and incomprehensible, we make it simpler by augmenting with Tech or aligning with purpose and focus. Our transparent methodologies help build trust with our clients and teams rather than old-school policing. We believe our work culture model will be helping organizations who are shifting paradigm to hybrid and/or virtual work.